Valintine Baker is one of the most in demand fitness specialists training in the industry. His brand of fitness and nutritional integration has led to lifestyle transformations and has cultivated a loyal and devoted client base.

His philosophy is based on building concrete client relationships that enables motivation to reach goals and full potential. In addition, he implements habitual development, which encourages and enhances the client, both mentally and physically.

After receiving his electrical engineering degree, valintine realized that his passion was exercise and nutrition. making a life changing decision, he determined with great enthusiasm, to pursue his new career. From that point, he was completely immersed in the study of health and nutrition and began his journey in the world of personal fitness training in the international market.

Through optimistic, nurturing and comprehensive methods, he has taught and inspired his clients and friends of various lifestyles to reach their physical and mental goals. His fundamental aspiration is to create complete life resolutions for people spanning all platforms (health / wellness / weight loss / lifestyle).

This approach has led to numerous achievement stories, from executives to celebrities who have been trained privately or who discovered his techniques through group fitness instruction. This tenacity has also been conveyed to other trainers who have been instructed and consequently, have grasped and reproduced his techniques with their personal clientele.

Valintine has received numerous certifications with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).